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Aesthetics Launch Academy Course

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 Aesthetic Injectors:
Here's how injectors are booking
40-50 new patients every single month for less than 5$ on auto-pilot

Without crazy dancing videos, posting 10 times a day on social media and paying $$$ to 'agencies' 

Watch the video below ⍗⍗⍗

A speed online course by Dr. Norman

What is the Aesthetic Launch Academy?

New Psychology of booking patients :
See exactly how aesthetic patients think in 2023 and how we can use it for no-headache marketing and make our competitors irrelevant.
(nobody is using this right now)
The Honey Method : Attract the right patients to flood your calendar with BOOKINGS with this proven method. (100+ injectors have used this successfully)
Old traffic vs New traffic : Stop competing with other injectors by using this counter-intuitive strategy that separates you from the pack.
(Marketing is about being unique, yet blending in without
looking crazy.)
Killer Offer : Craft and Make them an offer they cant refuse.
(the exciting ingredients for a mouth watering offer)
The Aesthetic Launch Method : Build the system for yourself ONCE, forget
about it and enjoy your life, while your calendar get flooded with bookings. (just follow those easy steps and check up on your results)
Profit Maximiser System : 1 secret tool that will put you in the top 1% of injectors when it comes to marketing.
Free consultation call with Dr. Norman : Review your offers, ask questions and lets get you fired up and ready mentally to book atleast 40-50 new patients/month.
And so much more!


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The Aesthetic Launch Academy is a shortcut

Allow me to tell you a story about a $5000 lesson.

Before I created the academy - I was running both my clinic and also my aesthetic academy where i teach doctors and nurses the art of beauty injections in Sweden. 

I always follow up my injectors' progress after course,

just to make sure they're fine, but one of the most common statements i kept hearing was this...

"Not enough patients doc..."

At first, i gave them the generic advices...

Post more...

Be patient...

Etc, etc...

But it didn't stop.

I kept hearing the same thing, over and over.

Excuse my french, but that pissed me off.

These were great people who wanted to enjoy treating new patients and build their businesses, who i knew they had the skills to treat,

because i trained them myself,

but having a hard time just because of this
ONE thing.


That disturbed me.

Because i knew that problem isn't :
1. There are not enough patients (plenty out there)
2. They need more training (they were trained by me personally and ready)
3. Or that they were scaring people off somehow.

The REAL problem was :

They didn't have a system that they could use to generate appointments on auto-pilot.

       So i took a look at myself to start with...
Did i have a system? To generate consistent patients every month?

Truth is : I didnt.

I ‘hustled’ a lot and i did have recurring patients, i was doing many different things and i was doing okay for myself,

But i didnt have a solid system to teach.


Björn is a swedish guy who owns a marketing agency with a couple of other guys.(for plumbers, real estates companies and photographers)

I met Björn for a ‘fika’. That's the swedish word for having a coffee, and i told him about this idea of mine.

“Let me be your shadow at the agency for 3 weeks and i’ll pay you 5000€ “

He said he’ll think about it and talk to the guys at the agency.

They said No.

After a lot of back and forth and my friend convincing them, they finally agreed. (thanks Björn)

I watched and learnt what Björn was doing for these businesses for 3 weeks.

Damn. They had a system!

The system generated consistent ‘leads’ as they would call it. These are potential clients.

But the system could be applied in the aesthetic field as well.

What if i could adapt it, tweak it and make it work.

That's what i started doing.

I tried it for myself first.

It failed.

So i re tweaked and tried again and again.

What follows is me being constantly annoyed, frustrated and angry at times!

But finally, it clicked.

It was working smoothly on auto-pilot.

40-50 new patients every single month just like i planned.
(you can get more, but 40-50 was my goal for this)

So i called in 5 of my injectors.

Explained to them the whole system and told them to go try it exactly like i said and see the results for themselves.

This was absolutely free so they all agreed

3 weeks later, the results came in pouring and they were absolutely shocked.

It worked and they were getting more patients than ever before!

It worked and saved their businesses.

That's when i created the Aesthetic Launch Academy

Now, you have the opportunity to duplicate the entire system I built by signing up for a €149 course called Aesthetic Launch Academy


Then i met Björn...

There 2 types of injectors :
Chasers and Consultants

For my first years in the field and as well as my injectors, we were chasers.

Chasers are always out there trying too hard to get the next patients.

Spending hours a day obsessing and posting, doing insane discounts and not making enough profits

or worse...

not even having anyone to follow up.

The Solution Is Simple :
Be a consultant.

You see, by using the system i’ve developed,

patients book directly an appointment with you because they want to know how you, as an aesthetic consultant, can help solve their problem.

As patients actually book this appointment with you with a


they want to speak to you and find out how you specifically can help them and they actually want to speak with you.

Rather than having 'likes' on social media which don't answer the phone or emails.


Step 1 : Find out they need to be constantly posting on social media

Step 2 : Try it, eventually get tired and run out of inspirations

Step 3 : Get little to no sustainable results from social media

Step 4 : Do massive discounts which result in low profits

Step 5 : Hire an ‘agency’ and pay thousands but don't get the results as promised

Step 6 : Wait for referrals which never really come

Step 7 : Chase patients who once took a treatment only to scare them off for good

Step 8 : Think they need more training

Step 9 : Do more training just to experience the same problem.

Step 10 Wait forever because maybe one day patients will magically start coming in…

Step 11 - Start over

Here's how most injectors do it  :


Step 1 : Use the honey method to attract patients
Step 2 : Appointments are booked in directly in your calendar
Step 3 : Appointment attended
Step 4 : New patient acquired


  The new way of getting patients :

Here's How I Went From doing the same thing as everyone else collecting "Likes" To helping injectors book 40-50 patients every single month

By Ignoring The Common Wisdom, Breaking All The Rules, And Turning The Traditional Marketing Model Upside Down

Dear Future Aesthetic Launch Academy Member
From: Dr Norman
Re: The Only Blueprint You’ll Ever Need To Acquire new patients

Would it surprise you to learn, that injectors are booking 40-50 appointments every single month using the information revealed in this speed course?


You should be.

After all, you can’t believe everything you read on the internet :-)
so let me prove it to you

But first, read this disclaimer:
I have the benefit of owning my own aesthetic clinic in Sweden where i use this exact method in the course to keep it running. I also run an aesthetic training academy where my injectors also use this mehtod.
I'm not a marketer or an advanced tech guy.

The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only.

Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic.

All purchases entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS COURSE.
And if you're wondering if you'll have to set all this up by yourself, the answer is no. I've included a free consultation call with me in this course so we can do it together and so that i can answer some of questions as well.

And yes, it took me time and energy to achieve my results.

With that said … let me jump right in and show you...

And I Did It By Using A Completely Counterintuitive Model That I’m About To Share With You On This Very Page…

The same Aesthetic Launch Academy method that injectors from all over the world are now using to get hundreds of high-quality appointments booked into their calendars every single month…

...And in turn are getting patients faster than ever before...

...All while not having to waste hours on social media...

...And best of all having more time to focus on growing their business and spend more time doing the things they love most...

Just Like Rachel, Who Signed Up For The Aesthetic Launch Academy and soon after got 9 bookings in 1 week

Catherine, Who Signed Up For The Aesthetic Launch Academy course a couple of weeks ago And Soon After already started to meet patients.

The best part is Catherine didn't have to post crazy things on social media.

That's right, instead of wasting time chasing patients, Catherine only spoke to people who were actually interested in her treatments.

And Catherine isn’t the only one either…

This Is Alicia, Another Aesthetic Launch Academy Member, Who signed up not Too Long Ago…
...And Soon Booked 10 Appointments in 5 days

Catherine and Alicia are in a group of Aesthetic injectors who are doing things differently…
And you can BET...

This Aesthetic Launch Academy method is unlike any method you heard of before…

…This is something completely different, because…

  ╳ We don’t focus on collecting likes
  ​ ╳ We don’t focus on chasing patients
  ​ ╳ We don’t focus on wasting time and energy on patients who may not even be interested in what we have to offer
  ​ ╳ We don’t focus on wasting 97% of people who visit your website
  ​ ╳ We don’t focus on begging for testimonials that don’t pan out.

In fact: we rarely (if ever) talk to anyone unless they have booked a appointment

Instead We Setup a system that does all that for us (On Auto-Pilot!)...

Like I said…
This is something completely different and it has the power to change everything for you…
…and I know that’s true…

Because it changed everything for me and the injectors in the academy.

The Aesthetic Launch Academy model allowed me and my injectors to get rid of 99% of all the BS that we hated when it comes to Marketing…

  ⇒ Spending hours a day chasing followers but to no result
  ⇒ ​​Sending out offers nobody was interested in
  ⇒ Posting randomly on Social Media everyday
  ⇒ ​​Hoping for referrals
  ⇒ Handing out business cards to everyone

The Aesthetic Launch Academy Freed Me and my injectors by teaching them how to get hundreds of high-quality Appointments per month

Here’s what mine & my injector's life used to look like (and If you’ve ever ran an aesthetic clinic, then I’m sure you can relate)…

I call this the “Cycle Of Waste”:

Step 1 :
Find out they need to be constantly posting on social media

Step 2 : Try it, eventually get tired and run out of inspirations

Step 3 : Get little to no sustainable results from social media

Step 4 : Do massive discounts which result in low profits

Step 5 : Hire an ‘agency’ and pay thousands but don't get the results as promised

Step 6 : Wait for referrals which never really come

Step7 : Chase patients who once took a treatment only to scare them off for good

Step 8 : Think they need more training

Step 9 : Do more training just to experience the same problem.

Step 8 Wait forever because maybe one day patients will magically start coming in…

Step 9 - Start over

The Cycle Of Waste not only sucked, but kept me and my injectors stuck for 3 years

To be honest…

...I almost gave up on this whole idea of getting consistent appointments every month.

... But before I gave up..

I wanted to try something.

Something that - if it worked.

It would change everything.

And as you found out, what I tried above...

... It worked...

And I spent years turning it into a system...


And I Put This Entire System In this speed course Called The “Aesthetic Launch academy” And You Can Start learning In Just A Few Moments From Now…

But before you do.

I’d like to introduce myself and tell you about how all this came to be.

My name’s Dr Norman…

I started as an injector, then opened my Aesthetic Training Academy in Sweden and eventually found out that my newly trained injectors were struggling to
start using their newfound skills because getting patients was an issue.

I was in the industry for a while at that time and started to work on this system.

This would make my own life easier and my injectors as well. After years of trial, bookings became a 'normal' thing.

➤ Marketing Is One Of The Most Important skills You need to master If You Want To Grow your Business

Just think about it:
Can someone become a client if they don't know who you are? No

How many people right now are looking for the services you offer? Thousands

Are your competitors currently marketing? Of course they are, why aren't you?

Wanna Know What The Main Difference Is With The Aesthetic Launch Academy Model And That “Old Way” Of Doing Things?


And The Result Of Using This New Way?
A calendar FULL of high-quality appointments!

  Injectors do marketing for "Likes" and expect these are going to actually translate into new patients.

  Or injectors post randomly on Social Media everyday with offers that nobody cares about...

  Or even worse injectors just HOPE for referrals (Hope is not a strategy)

My results have been going for 2 years straight now.

Now, speaking of the model...

I’m going to share something that’s a little bit disturbing with you.

Here it goes:

I am actually hurting my business here by showing you this. (but its fine because this course will not be available for the general public in Sweden)

And the other 'gurus' out there are making loads of money by teaching the opposite of what I teach (except it doesn't work).
Ready for it?

The #1 Mistake Everyone Else Makes is Chasing patients, not consulting patients...

Here’s why:

There are two types of Business out there.

There are the "Chasers" and there are "Consultants".

For my first 2 years - Me and my injectors were Chasers.

Chasers are always out there trying sleazy desperate stuffs to get the next patient.

It feel repulsive when you see it.

Spending hours a day posting cringey stuffs, adding insane discounts and DM-ing people which never amount to anything...

Or even worse not having any potential patients at all to follow up.

Their strategy is to try to get more "leads for their business".

While not focusing on getting actual booked appointments with a time and date locked in.

And by focusing on this strategy - they spend a ton of time on..

    Posting randomly on Social Media and hoping clients will just "appear"

    Researching spam 'hashtags'

    Doing insane discounts which hurt their brand

  Sending out flyers that nobody is actually interested in

All of this requires time and energy.

The problem isn't the model itself it's caused by the "status quo".

Most businesses believe that they need more "likes".

When in reality what they need is actual appointments. "Likes" are not appointments, likes are just people who have "expressed an interest in your services" casually.

An appointment is actually someone who is looking for ADVICE about how you can help them look and feel better.

And this is the same exact thing that happened to me before I figured out the Aesthetic Launch Method.

The solution?
Instead Of Chasing patients... consult patients.

That's right...

You see, by using the system we have developed patients book an appointment with you because they want to know how you can help solve their problem.

As patients actually book this appointment with you with a time and date, they want to learn how you specifically can help them and they actually WANT TO SPEAK WITH YOU.

Rather than having "likes" which don't answer the phone or respond to emails.

...Because I'd rather get hundreds of appointments actually scheduled into my clients calendars every single month instead of chasing "likes" all the time
trying to achieve the exact same thing.

No thanks. I did that before and it sucks.

So here's the deal...

...I explain everything in Aesthetic Launch Academy, it's a speed course (we're both busy) that shows you everything you need to know FAST.

So here's the idea behind the Aesthetic Launch Model :

Right now, as you're reading this very page...

There's a lot of activity happening in the world of Aesthetics.

The internet has changed everything - for everyone - injectors have to adopt to the latest and greatest technological advances or lose to those that do.

This has created a huge problem for Injectors as most are living in the past...

Now, most of these injectors are looking for a new solution...

And as you may have guessed it - we have it.

And what's really cool is that by booking appointments directly into your calendar you lock in a time and date to speak to that person.
You also are actually speaking to people who are interested in your services.
That's Right - You only speak to people who are Actually interested in Your services rather than spending hours every single week chasing.

And that's where the Aesthetic Launch Academy comes in...

It does this beautifully in 3 easy steps...

1. Use the honey method to attract patients
2. Appointments are booked in directly in your calendar

3. Appointment attendedNew patient acquired

And that’s the difference here.

When you approach your marketing using this model the results are amplified and sustainable.

Is chasing and posting all day sustainable over the long term? Taking hours of your valuable time up every single day.

The short answer is... No.

I’m not saying posting for maximum likes is bad.

What I’m saying if your goal is getting a consistent flow of high-quality appointments every month,
posting for "Likes" might actually be the thing that’s holding you back from getting it!

The new way just requires you to show up on time for the appointment.

And that's why this is different.

Getting consistent appointments isn’t something you ever need to worry about again - or even think about.

It’s something that will happen naturally if you complete the entire course.

Because If you implement everything I’m going to share with you in the Aesthetic Launch Academy Course.

That’s when you’ll start seeing your first appointments get booked into your calendar.

That’s how easy this is.

I know how ridiculous that sounds…and cliche that sounds…
And Just A Few Years Ago… i’d Tell You That You’re Crazy If You’d Ever Believe Such Model Existed…
…But, today I know better.


I don’t care how many times you’ve tried social media.

I promise you this…

Anyone can get as many appointments as they want with the right model (more on this below)..

Ultimately I want you to know one thing..
If I Can Do This and my newbie injectors can, So Can You!
Because others are doing it too right now within the Aesthetic Launch Academy Community...

and here's another reason
you too can do this
It took me 1 year to "figure this out"...

...and another year to perfect it.

Which is safe to say that there isn't anything left for you to figure out.

I already did all of the hard work for you.

I figured it all out.

Which means...there’s nothing for you to “figure out”.

You just need to sign up for this course and most important of all - implement it!

That’s it…

Here’s The exact 3 Step System Revealed in the Aesthetics Launch Academy course For overloading your Calendar with high quality Appointments

  Step 1 - Create a 'honeypot' for APPOINTMENTS - Instead of spending your valuable time posting like a madman, we teach you how to create a 'honeypot' designed to get actual bookings directly into your calendar.

  Step 2 - Appointment Is Booked Directly Into Your Calendar - After creating the honeypot, watch a steady stream of appointments get scheduled into your calendar

  Step 3 - Attend Appointment - All you have to do is then attend the appointment and ADVISE the patient on how you can help them solve their problem.

Those are the 3 steps to pack your calendar full of high-quality appointments.

All of this is revealed in the content inside the Aesthetics Launch Course in step-by-step detail. Plus you get to speak to me after as a bonus!

Making it a counterintuitive approach to filling your calendar with high-quality appointments for the person that seeks a steady stream of new patients for their Business.


In this course you will learn :

Introducing :
The Aesthetics Launch Academy


The Aesthetics Launch Academy is an online course  for
aesthetic injectors :

- who want a stable business with stable revenue

- who dont want to charge low prices and have patients who respect and will pay for your services regardless of the prices because they TRUST you

- who want the freedom and peace of mind of knowing how to build their business so they can enjoy what they really want

This will work for you even if :
1. You have no clue about marketing
2. You are new to the aesthetic field
3. You are not technology and social media friendly
4. You are scared of knowing what is right to post
5. You have a fear of being on social media

✅ At your own pace
✅ Whenever you want
✅ Wherever you want
✅ As many times you want

Signing up gives you this

Aesthetics Launch Academy online course


Aesthetics Launch

Psychology of booking patients : See exactly how aesthetic patients think in 2022 and how we can use it for smooth marketing
 Traffic : the art of attracting potential patients using the honey method
 Old traffic vs New traffic : Use this method to secretly attract new patients
 Killer Offer : Make them an offer they cant refuse
 The Aesthetic Launch Method : See how easy every stage is and how you can build it once and forget about it while your calenday get flooded with bookings.
 Profit Maximiser System : 1 secret tool that will put you in the top 1% of injectors when it comes to marketing.
 Free consultation call with Dr. Norman
 And many more

What are people saying about the course?


Meet Dr. Norman Earally


- Owner of Vellure Esthetics Beauty clinic, Sweden

- Aesthetic Doctor, board certified in Sweden

- Owner of Aesthetic Launch Academy

- Market innovator


Look, you’ve seen how you could have
been booking 40-50 patients on auto-pilot

All by using my simple
Aesthetic Launch Method.

You saw how people who are following
my strategy are already seeing great results.

I’ve negotiated a special charter
membership offer with a one-time €150
With a support system that fully
covers the price of your subscription.

Now it’s time for a decision.

The Way I See It You Have Three

Option #1: Do absolutely nothing and
stay exactly where you are right now.
If you already have enough patients and
you’re not worried about running out of money
during your aesthetic journey…
Then maybe you don’t need this
marketing strategy.
But if you’d like to build a stable business,
that leaves you with
two other options…

Option #2: Do it yourself.
You can try to keep track of all the
millions of marketing news and blog posts that
are published every day…
Then try to analyze all the relevant ones
that are currently working…
And hope you’ll pick the right one… the
one that could allow you to create a solid strategy.
If you’re willing to work hard and spend
hours in front of your computer, you might be
able to pull it off.

Option #3: Let me do the heavy lifting
for you
I'll give you my system in the course.

All you need to do is take the strategy
and start implementing it.

Go enjoy your weekends and your freedom...
Then start to see those appointments coming in.

Of these three options, ask yourself…
What’s Going to Be Easier for You?

You see, there are two types of people in
this world…
Those who only dream about achieving
their aesthetic goals without ever taking any
action to make it happen…
And those who are ready to take action
when the opportunity presents itself.

Most people will tell you they want to
live free.
But we both know very few actually
make it happen.
It’s a natural law of psychology….
The classic tale of the willful and the

Most people will keep dreaming…
While the few who are actually serious
about their freedom and future will take action.

Since you’ve watched my entire
presentation this far, I think you’re one of the
few special ones…
One out of the 30 reading that will start this journey.

-Dr. Norman

Save a seat TODAY

  Read more below

1 : Aestethics Launch Academy Method online course
Value : 1000€
2 : Consultation with Dr. Norman
Value : 2000€
3 : BONUS : Proven honey pot templates
Value : 500€
4 : Money generating email templates
Value : 500€
5: BONUS : Profit Maximiser System
Value : 500€
** Total value : 4 500€


Your PRICE TODAY : 249€





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