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Aesthetics Marketing Mastery Course

 Aesthetic Marketing Machine Method:
Go from a struggling aesthetic clinic
to a cash-flowing machine using the
C.O.R.E Psychology Method

* SALE NOW + BONUS + 50% OFF - Ends soon *


A mastery online course by Dr. Norman

Aesthetics Marketing Mastery Course :

  • Forget about ads  : No need for paid marketing, only internet and social media needed, ads need more budget, not the point here.

  • Beginner and advanced injector : This will work regardless if you're a beginner or an advanced injector, this all about how to take your business to the profitable zone

  • R.I.P technical skills  : You dont need to be social media friendly or have any previous technical skills

  • Aesthetics Marketing Roadmap : takes a stranger to a die-hard patient on social media

  • The C.O.R.E Method Framework : 10x your Profits by following this method which comprises of 7 different elements

  • 3 golden questions : make them answer 'yes' to these 3 questions and get ready for appointments

  • Word of mouth graveyard : dont depend on word on mouth, use the psychological strategy provided and start receiving new bookings

  • 9 psychological hooks : Use them in your marketing and watch the results happen. Forget the stress of charging low prices.

  • Instagram Algorithm deconstructed : Want to get viral? I break it all down for you. (2023 update)

  • Ahead of the curve strategy : Be ahead of everybody else and early using this 1 psychology tool

  • Hashtag Trilogy Method : The real way to get boosted


    And many more.

Keep reading to find out.

"I hate selling..." - Dr. Norman

I really do.

Always something a little creepy about it...
little too desperate, too pushy about it.
and if you're like me, you probably agree.

But without selling, there is no business.

I understood that, but i needed a better way to do it.

A more elegant way.

Hi, i'm Dr. Norman.

So how do you sell without selling?
Is it possible?

Things were rough in the beginning with my 256 followers...

While it took me years of studying marketing, taking a whole lotta courses and testing for my clinic, it was not so obvious but i finally cracked it.

Sell WITHOUT selling

So how do you do it?

Well the answer is :

 Sell using the power of under the radar psychology and do it in less than 10 mins/day 
It's called the C.O.R.E Method

You and i are both busy as injectors, so we need an efficient way of dealing with social media and business and still have time to do the rest.

WHY Aesthetic Experts are NOT
Marketing experts

While they can teach you about aesthetics, hey maybe even give you some tips about marketing, they just aren't experts in marketing and cannot really show you a proven easy roadmap that work.

Thats why the aesthetics course you took probably didnt include a marketing section.
You know why? Read on and you'll soon find out.
1. They started much before you when the market was green.
Yep, thats already a massive advantage. Remember Nokia phones fad? Sold millions when it came out but try selling that today. Please email me if you sell millions of Nokia, we need to partner, you know something i dont! 😉
2. They already had a thriving clinic before social media really became a thing.
Social media eventually is about social proof, ie, how many people like your clinic. They started with a lot. And you dont have that luxury.
3. Their focus is not on growing but on expanding.
You're focussed on growing so you can't use the same strategy as a person expanding.
One quick example? Some clinic spend 100k of revenue on paid marketing. For building an aesthetic business, it's just not possible yet.

The good thing here : People dont always go to "professionals", they go to people they TRUST.

In this course you will learn :

Whats the real problem?

1. Nobody teaches how to do it.

You're pushed in this aesthetic world where you need patients for your business to survive and for your own mental peace and freedom but you dont have any guidance or roadmap that you can follow and build on.

It's not your fault.

2. Word of mouth isn't helping you.

Word of mouth is getting clients by referrals. As the expression suggests, you need mouths. When you are building your aesthetic practice, there is not so many mouths speaking for you. So that makes it hard to make it work.

3. Growth hacks leave you empty handed
You've certainly seen some growth hacks mixed with a heavy dose of "do this and you'll be insta freaking famous!! 🤩 "
And then you tried it.
What happened? No insta-famous mode achieved.
First of all a disclaimer : i'm NOT saying growth hacks dont work. They do. They just dont work for you but you'll soon find out why.
The real reason why they didnt work for you is mainly because growth hacks should be used as the icing on the cake.
Base : 80%
Icing : 20%
So if you're base content on instagram isnt done right, no icing will make it look good. But they never tell you that.

4. Outsource to death

Many have fallen... $$$ spent...
Hours wasted...
Frustrations dealt with...
If you have tried outsourcing your social media, you know what i mean.
You simply cannot delegate your social media to someone who doesnt know you,
doesnt know how you feel about stuffs,
doesnt know your tone,
has zero experience in aesthetics.
Doing that is not only unfair to your patients but will fail miserably.

The truth is, you want die-hard patients and fans who trust and respect you.

It comes down to the
C.O.R.E Method.

3 questions.
9 psychological hooks.

7 elements of the C.O.R.E Method.

Yes, it comes down to these 3 things but these are NOT tips or tricks or quick fixes.

These are proven psychological strategies, frameworks and business strategies that when combined together cause the following 8 things:

1. Get patients interested in what you're saying

2. Get patients to trust you

3. Get them to realize what you're offering is right for them resulting in plenty of bookings

4. Absolutely guaranteed to destroy the competition

5. Put you in a position where you can NEVER be copied or even looked at as the rest of the injectors

6. Allow you to charge premium prices and have patients gladly pay for it

7. Save time and energy on having processes so you can focus on treating patients

8. Avoid burning out, procrastination, fears or feelings of imposter syndrome


Introducing :
The Aesthetics Marketing Mastery Course

Aesthetic Marketing Machine Method:

Go from a struggling aesthetic clinic to a cash-flowing machine using the
C.O.R.E Psychology Method


The Aesthetics Marketing Mastery course is an online course  for
aesthetic injectors :

- who want a stable business with stable revenue

- who dont want to charge low prices and have patients who respect and will pay for your services regardless of the prices because they TRUST you

- who want the freedom and peace of mind of knowing how to build their business so they can enjoy what they really want

This will work for you even if :
1. You have no clue about marketing
2. You are new to the aesthetic field
3. You are not technology and social media friendly
4. You are scared of knowing what is right to post
5. You have a fear of being on social media

✅ At your own pace
✅ Whenever you want
✅ Wherever you want
✅ As many times you want

1 year of membership will give you this

1. Part 1 : The Aesthetics Marketing Machine
- The C.O.R.E Method


The C.O.R.E METHOD consists of 7 different elements and 3 Stages.

C.O.R.E is an acronym for :


Custom Signature Approach


Original content


Roadmap to bookings


Ever evolving system

Just like the sun, the C.O.R.E Method powers your whole aesthetic business



Element 1 : Unified strategy


- Understand the process of creating a unified strategy so get all the pieces of the C.O.R.E Method working for you

- Unlock the frameworks for accelerated profits
Save hours of work per day by following this process

Element 2 : Elite Market Positioning

- Guaranteed to destroy your competition, patients will never compare you again with the next injector

- How to never feel 'Imposter syndrome again' or Fear of putting yourself out there

- How to never worry about being copied
How to create a unique brandings aspect for you and your business

- How to never run out of content ideas that get potential patients to TRUST you

- Learn the Hooked Effect

- Learn the Helium Balloon Strategy

- Learn about the 3 stages of a patient's journey, From Unknown to a die-hard patient

- Learn about Patient Centric Marketing

Element 4 : Methodical Marketing Hooks Strategy
- Learn the about the 9 psychology hooks which will bring in tons of bookings

- Marketing strategy on steroids

- A process that requires less than 10 mins a day to execute

- Learn the under-radar psychology strategy for 10x profits

Element 5 : Patient Avatar Clarity

- Learn how to speak your patients mind

- Learn the deep down rooted desires of potential patients and use it to attract them effortlessly

- Learn how to turn negative beliefs into Sugar

- Learn the Patient Avatar Strategy to evoke pure magnetic feelings to your message

Element 6 : The Offer Engineering Formula

- Learn The Godfather Offer - create offers patients can't refuse

- Learn how to charge premium prices that patients are willingly paying for

- Learn the Value Package Formula

- Learn the Value Accelerator

Element 7 : Systemize and create processes

- Learn how to use Apps and websites to make this whole process easy and fast

- Create a full system for your business with this guide.

- Avoid wasting hours of work and automate your business

- Easily delagate processes and systems to secretary if needed


2. Part 2 : Technical mastery

  • Anatomy of a great instagram profile

  • 7 things to optimise now for more patients

  • Compelling bio that drives clicks

  • Instagram algorithm deconstructed

  • Next level creative content hacks and how to create yours

  • Instagram stories for 5x engagement

  • Hashtag Trilogy Method : the real way to get boosted

  • Ahead of the curve strategy

  • Golden hours : specific hourse for your account to get maximum engagement

  • 7 deadly design mistakes

  • and many more

3. Part 3 :  Exclusive access to the platform

  • Full access to the platform where we post updates and whats working

  • Take the Aesthetic 1 month challenge with us giving you feedback and get invested in your own future

  • Ask questions and get answered by Dr. Norman

  • Want some more information on a specific topic? Post it and we'll record something for you

  • Scared of your post being bad? Post it and we'll review it for you and give you feedback

4. Free 2 sessions 45 mins consultation call with Dr. Norman

BONUS : #1 
Aesthetic Launch Course
How injectors are booking40-50 new patients every single month for less than 5$ on auto-pilot , tap here to read more.

BONUS : #2
Aesthetic Marketing Secrets Book, audiobook, videobook

book cover.png

What are people saying about the course?


Meet Dr. Norman Earally


- Coached 300+ Injectors On aesthetic marketing all around the world

- Owner of Vellure Esthetics Beauty clinic, Sweden

- Aesthetic Doctor, board certified in Sweden with 7 years of experience

- CEO of a marketing agency for 4 years

- Market innovator


What happens when you buy a really nice jacket? You look gorgeous but the jacket will not produce revenue for you.

This course is not the same. Thats why it's an investment instead of a purchase.

You should be able to recover the cost of this course with only 5-6 patients, and that's a joke compared to how how many more you'll be getting after going through it and implementing it.


Look, you’ve seen how you could have
been gaining followers into die hard patients and fans on social media...
All by using my simple
Aesthetics Marketing Roadmap strategy.

You saw how people who are following
my strategy are already seeing great results.

I’ve negotiated a special charter
membership offer with a one-time €1000
With a support system that fully
covers the price of your subscription.

Now it’s time for a decision.

The Way I See It You Have Three

Option #1: Do absolutely nothing and
stay exactly where you are right now.
If you already have enough patients and
you’re not worried about running out of money
during your aesthetic journey…
Then maybe you don’t need this
marketing strategy.
But if you’d like to build a stable business,
that leaves you with
two other options…

Option #2: Do it yourself.
You can try to keep track of all the
millions of marketing news and blog posts that
are published every day…
Then try to analyze all the relevant ones
that are currently working…
And hope you’ll pick the right one… the
one that could allow you to create a solid strategy.
If you’re willing to work hard and spend
hours in front of your computer, you might be
able to pull it off.

Option #3: Let me do the heavy lifting
for you
I'll give you my system in the course.
I’ll give you the feedback you need and send you my marketing updates every week and alerts on the platform.
All you need to do is take the strategy
and start implementing it.

Go enjoy your weekends and your freedom...
Then start to see those appointments coming in.

Of these three options, ask yourself…
What’s Going to Be Easier for You?

You see, there are two types of people in
this world…
Those who only dream about achieving
their aesthetic goals without ever taking any
action to make it happen…
And those who are ready to take action
when the opportunity presents itself.

Most people will tell you they want to
live free.
But we both know very few actually
make it happen.
It’s a natural law of psychology….
The classic tale of the willful and the

Most people will keep dreaming…
While the few who are actually serious
about their freedom and future will take action.

Since you’ve watched my entire
presentation this far, I think you’re one of the
few special ones…
One out of the 30 reading that will start this journey.

-Dr. Norman

Save a seat TODAY

Part 1 : Aestethics Marketing Machine  : The C.O.R.E Method
Value : 2000€
Part 2 : Technical mastery 
Value : 2000€
Part 3 : Exclusive access to the platform
Value : 2000€
Consultation call :
Value : 1000€
Pdf speed kit
Value : 700€

Bonus #1 : Aesthetic Launch Course : 500€

Bonus # 2 : Aesthetic Marketing Secrets : 50€
** Total value : 8 250€


Your PRICE TODAY : 699



A. 1 PAYMENT OF 699€



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Copyright 2021 : Aesthetics Marketing Mastery Course

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